Familiarize Yourself With Varied New Distinct Features Of Pixel Gun 3D

The game of Pixel Gun 3D is turning out to be an extremely popular game amongst youngsters. If you ever wanted to play a Minecraft game, then this game would prove to be an ultimate game for you. If you have a fascination for playing games that would test your skills in the most effective way, then you have come to the exact right place. This game will provide you with all kinds of unique facilities which will make your time spent in it quite memorable. By playing this game, you would bound to experience a firsthand shooting experience.  No other games will be able to provide you with such facilities and experiences. As a matter of fact, these are the factors which help in making this game a huge hit amongst people of all ages. Hence, step into this conventional world of action and feel this magic for yourself. Lets know more about this action packed game and try out some new pixel gun cheats below.

What Are The Different Types Of Armor Present In This Game?

In this fascinating game of adventure, armors play a very important role. In every stages of this game, you would be requiring armors. Moreover, you would be liable of availing all kinds of sophisticated and posh armor and ammunitions as well. With armors and ammunitions, you would be able to defend yourself against your opponents, enemies and certain kinds of atrocious creatures as well. In Pixel Gun 3D, there are variety of armors present. One such armor is Wooden Armor. On acquiring it, you would be gaining protection points. Your life points would not be affected until protection points are spent. Next armor is known as Iron Armor. It too constitutes of the same functions as previous armor. It is liable of providing up to as many as eight shields. Lastly, Golden Armor is known to restore all your protection points every time you re spawn. Apart from these armors, there are varied other similar kinds as well.  Some of it is known as Crystal Armor, Ruby Armor, and Adamant Armor and so on.

Are There Any Choices In Weapons?


Yes, there are a variety of choices in weapons which you can choose from. These are primarily purchasable pieces of equipment that are available in the Armory or Shop. There constitutes of six main types of weapon available. These weapons are also liable of being upgraded as well. In Pixel Gun 3D, one such important weapon is known as Secret Forces Rifle. It is mainly found in Primary section. It has extremely high lethality and high capacity amongst other features. Second weapon is known as Sunrise. It is a special kind of weapon introduced in this game. A good rate of fire and great capacity, this weapon is all you would ever need for attacking your opponents. Lastly, the Bastion is considered to be a premium weapon. It has high damage capacity and good mobility as well.

What Are The Functions Of Prototype Gun?

Along with other kinds of weapons, Prototype gun also is said to hold equal amount of significance. In Pixel Gun 3D, Prototype gun is currently known to be a top seller in the Shops. If done right, it would not be possible for you to miss any of your enemies, while shooting them. Finally, enemies killed by Prototype is said to suffer a distinctive death by vaporization.

Will This Game Prove To Be Worth It?

Yes, this game will definitely prove to be worth it. If played correctly, you would bound to be hooked to it. An intense action packed game, you would be sure to have a wonderful experience while playing it. With stunning 3D visuals, customization items and beyond, this game would be able to provide you with all kinds of facilities that you would ever need.  Hence, with amazing features and many more, get ready to start zapping.

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