Clash royale – overall review about the game

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In smart phone world, Games is the best mesmerizing factor of the people from teens to old people. clash royale is developed by Super cells in 3rd March 2016. First this game is released only in IOS platform in January 2016 and later on it has to be deployed in android platform in February 2016.Then it was released in both android and IOS platform in 3rd March 2016. Super cell is started as the Video game platform and that technology trends towards the smart phone. So they focusing on smart phone platforms like android and IOS. The theme of the game is defeat the opponent king towers to get the points to win the game. There are thirteen levels in that game and each level is harder than previous one and it’s the way developers design this game. This game is very popular when it’s from the release periods and it addicts the person to this game and encourages the people to buy game elements by using their real money.

User’s reviews and scores about the game

According from the top sites review it has all good aspects from the users who enjoy and having fun play with their friends. Review regarding the Android platform it got 4.5 out of 5 and IOS platform it got 4 out of 5. The creator’s clash of clan’s disability can be revoked by clash royale which is used to play by multiple users and have more fun with your friends. The “GEM” can be collect from stores by using real money from your wallet. The GEM can used to buy cards and golds in the game. The game extremely focuses the players to pass the next levels and it attracts the player to buy the gems in online store to earn the resources and pass the level successfully in short time. This method of playing the game MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is making the players very happy and they are enjoying the multi player option with their friends. The clash royale beats the famous epic game called clash of cans.

Theme of the game

This game follows the theme strategy of the clash of cans game. The clash of cans make remarkable in the market until the clash royale releases. The game requires more critical thinking and proper planning strategy to win the game. So kids are not most attractive towards this game. But clash royale doesn’t require the critical thinking and it is very easy to play. Kids can easily play this game. Now a day’s kids are more attractive towards this game. This game motivate to win the battle and encourage the player to play continue the game. So this is the right time to play the clash royale game and planning strategy is most important key factor to win the game. clash royale hack can helpful to the players who love this game most and spend more time on this game. If they hack by using some tools they unlock many levels easily.

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