DiscRevolt was formed in 2006 when Mike (father) said to Matt (son), “There’s gotta be a better way!”

Mike, a lifelong musician and entrepreneur, recognized that bands would constantly spend their entire project budgets in the recording studio and come out with a gorgeous sounding master, but no way to distribute it. CDs were expensive to manufacture and digital downloads were increasingly demanded by fans. But there was no way to sell a digital download at a live show (when fans are most engaged!). You’d have to announce that your music was available for digital download on some 3rd party website and hope your fans remembered to visit that site when they got home. (Good luck!).

So, the question was how to get the digital download to a fan via a physical product? Enter Download Cards.

Although DiscRevolt was born as a “Download Card company”, we have evolved over the past five years into a full service digital provider to the music industry. Our passion is helping artists, labels and managers sell and distribute their music and merchandise direct to fans. We believe the direct-to-fan relationship is incredibly valuable for both the artist and the fan and we enjoy helping artists create and grow those relationships. They also happen to be the best way for artists to make a living doing what they do best – create music.

We’ve worked with thousands of artists and helped sell and distribute millions of songs since our humble beginnings in 2006. We’d love to add you to that list.